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a course to get closer to me, my core, my practical love and care for myself

We will pay attention to our body, large and tiny movements, we will also almost-dance and move attention from our mind to the body to become living more in our body as it supposes to be for getting closer to more sustainable life by loving and caring more about ourselves

about the course

In this short course of five 1,5h classes, we will experience somatic practices for increasing body awareness and opening up for curious explorations of being our body. We’ll engage in the Stopping Movement practice (by the Grinberg method) to ground our mind and train our attention to be more in the body to become more of our body – that we actually are.

topics we’ll explore

  • eyes and neck – the victims of the computer work and phone usage
  • grounding the mind who most often is overused and is hard to calm it down to stop working and start resting. Real resting of the mind gives the opportunity for clarity and creativity to raise
  • chest and breathing. Most of us are using ~40% of the capacity of our lungs, and so- losing ~60% of the energy that we could have. How would you spend best your extra energy if you’d have it?
  • expansion. A curious exploration of how we made/make ourselves smaller and so- lose the power of our potential
  • integration and surprises during the last meeting

you’ll need

  • a space of your own
  • good enough internet connection
  • comfortable clothes for comfortable movement
  • good enough speakers for enjoying music well enough



  • 75€ for 7,5hrs if paid for all sessions at once
  • 20€ if paid for each session separately


Inese Ločmele, body-oriented psychotherapist (2009), the only practitioner of the Grinberg Method (somatic coaching) and Stopping Movement in the Baltic states.
Founder of the dance and somatics center I-DEJAS MAJA in the capital of Latvia (2009, i-deja.lv) where self-knowledge, movement practices and creativity meet.

She started her way at 5,5 years of age through professional sport (artistic/rhythmic gymnastics), being a champion of the state, being able to do with her body whatever was asked, meanwhile learning to use, not to feel and be the body. Later on she studied psyche (MA in psychology) – the other part of the whole human being, and through movement improvisation classes she met her main interest- somatics, that she also studied in Finland, dance and somatics studies.

Inese is teaching self-awareness through somatics, movement improvisation, contact improvisation since 2004. Loves the topics in the fields of inner freedom, body-mind integration, creativity and charisma



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